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By Barbara Christensen - 5:42 PM
#MealPrep for success, and I will #shred some more bad habits, toxins and pounds. I cannot wait to see where this next group takes the #healthylivingrevolutiom 👙💪💚 It is going o be fantastic!!! And of course as you can see I am going to be making up some collard wraps this week. Have my lemons and I will juice them every morning. Lovely #applecidervinegar as well because I love to use that and coconut aminos. I need flavor. That and of course ginger, turmeric, a little garlic and onion here and there. Are you ready for your new year? #2017goals #fitlife #challenge #fatfast #gysb #mamawholewellness #pegan #nomnom
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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