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By Barbara Christensen - 1:43 PM
Spent the morning grieving and crying and sorting out how sad I felt not because of a man, but because of a movement of hate. Vote every day with your dollars. Vote with your kindness and volunteer efforts. Vote with your choices and who you choose to let into your daily life. Do not allow the negativity of this election to hold onto your heart and spirit. Eliminate hate from your life starting eight now with a hug. Remember that HRC won the popular vote even if she didn't win the electoral vote. Which means most people don't feel that way. I will take a day or two to mourn my beloved belief of where I thought we were going. And then I will continue to choose love and universal pure energy in my life...and protect my family and friends like a mama bear. Iay choose love bit I will never allow anyone to harm them. So keep that in mind. ❤ #chooselove And in the meantime I will be trying to focus on helping all of those at a loss in any way I can. Try to bring yourself out if this funk because it lets hate win, it lowers your immune system and it takes precious moments of life away from us. Spend less time online, and more time outside. Let's follow the #Scandinavian way of #Hygge... illuminating your soul through living.. The Danish word, pronounced "hoo-ga", is a way of life. Seek!!❤🍻🤘
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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