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By Barbara Christensen - 8:54 AM
Time to wake it up and shake it up... This body needs to release some toxins. And not just physical, but emotional. We're easily distracted from our goals when we help, support and put our trust in others and they don't respond in similar ways. What you have to remember is that this is a Toxin just as much as the toxins all around us and you need to release it. Release it because it's not yours. Release it because it has no space in your journey. Release it because the truth is that you felt it... Right? All the way from the beginning just like you felt the toxins from the environment filling up in your cells... I wonder why we don't listen to that? Maybe we want to believe that we'll bring out the best in others. Or maybe we have been trained to just accept that our life will be filled with bad things. I don't accept that, and I know you shouldn't either. Just like these toxic relationships, our bodies are constantly bombarded by chemicals from pollution, genetically-modified foods, pesticides, herbicides, and the list goes on. These accumulated toxins can have an impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Fortunately, nature has provided us many powerful ways to fight back and release these toxins. With 90℅ of serotonin living in the gut, and inflammation starting in the gut, why not support yourself? For centuries, our ancestors have used Calcium Bentonite Clay (do not use sodium bentonite clay internal) to assist in the detoxification and balancing of the body. Qele (the Fijian word for clay) Daily #Detox contains a unique source of 100% pure naturally occurring Calcium Bentonite Clay from the world's only known source. Qele has a smooth texture and can be added to food, drinks or as a complement to the Bula Nutri Cap System. Maybe you'll add it to the Ginger tea that Deepak helped formulate to soothe your mind and release those emotional binds. It's pretty amazing tea! I love to start off with yoga, releases a lot of bound up issues. Then I drink up the detoxification support. Then before I finish up I meditate on release and receiving to help bring only the best into my life. You should try this and let me know how you feel.
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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