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By Barbara Christensen - 9:42 AM
There's nothing better than being home when you want a big joyful smoothie for breakfast!! I love mine with either strawberries and flax, or pineapple and kale. And usually I have a bounty from my urban garden. To me having a healthy body means lots of fruit and veggies!! And of course you need fiber and a great #vegan protein sources! I love my Complete shake. Full of mushrooms for my vitamin D which is essential for this time of year, and for you so many of our functions in our body. It makes such a big difference. I know because I drank it consistently, and then stopped. Never felt like that after stopping any other shake. Like I wish missing key nutrients... I noticed, and my hormonal imbalance noticed for sure. I have done the other suoerfood shakes, the store bought shakes, pretty much if it's a vegan shakes I have done it. But none compare. None of the undenatured whey shakes compared either. Trust me. Let my experience help you. Jump over to Get yourself happy Healthy! Get two packages if you want a daily shake and we're going to ship out your four month order all at once... And you'll be charged just about $65/mo for a daily boost to your nutrition! You'll notice the difference immediately!! If I could tell you the number of converts over the $130/mo shakes I have seen.... lots!! #nongmo #vegan #glutenfree ... Try it!! :) 🤘❤👙🍓
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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