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By Barbara Christensen - 11:33 AM
You know, #traveling by car is my favorite thing... Even if it drives my family crazy. But I love this world of ours. It was created with beauty all around us. However until they build a road to Iceland, I guess I need to learn to fly. Thankfully I have been practicing every day. 😃 My in-laws are going to celebrate their 50th in three years and we're planning to go as a family to Iceland to soak in the healing water and create memories. My little tribe will probably continue on to #Denmark, #Sweden and my hope... #Ireland! My ancestors are calling me. Having a team of #nourished warriors there would make this trip even better!! As a personal trainer, nutritional therapist and holistic coach my practice and my client's results have never been this amazing!! Nutrition makes all of the difference. It really does. I recommend trying the products first. That's what I did. Seeing my own personal changes, and seeing the quick changes in my daughter is what sold me. Head over to and really think about this... What else is possible! #learningtofly #mompreneur #planning #nourishedwarriors #fitlife #simplechange #wholefoods #nongmo #vegan #lifestyle
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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