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By Barbara Christensen - 1:59 PM
Did you know that over 300 #pollutants are found in the tap water Americans drink? Those who drink bottled water contribute to over 26 billion plastic bottles that are thrown away each year. Both of these elements impact our bodies and our planet. I use a #hydration system that provides a healthy solution to both. A bpa-free, biodegradable bottle with a patented filter that purifies regular tap water. This is one of the most eco-friendly water bottles that can now replace hundreds of single-serve plastic water bottles. The specialized herbal caps can be added into the system to offer a daily dose of nutrition and benefits. Here’s how it works: ��Snap the Filter onto the filter post located on the bottom of the Cap Chamber. �Place your favorite Cap into the Cap Chamber. ��Twist the Bottle Chamber onto the Bottle and enjoy flavorful nutritious, clean water. The Filter is a proprietary, patented technology that uses a silver-impregnated 100% activated carbon cloth—the same cloth used worldwide by medical institutions and global militaries. As water passes through the cloth, it filters out bad tasting and harmful contaminates, chemicals and odors. The silver in the filter keeps it fresh by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, resulting in clean, chemical-free, great tasting water! How cool is that? Grab yours at and let's change the world! #bpafree #sustainable #nontoxic #cleanwater
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