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By Barbara Christensen - 10:16 PM
A big big deal for me has been trying to live more sustainably like buying green credits to offset my energy use, eating organic, using essential oils over chemicals foe cleaning, and almost never buying water in a plastic bottle.. Plastic water bottles: are harmful to the Ocean, air, and you!! “If you eliminate the scourge of bottled water, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest problems facing our environment” -Capt. Charles Moore For every six plastic bottles of water used, only one makes it into the #recycling bin. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles and switch to using the biodegradable Bula bottle with their parented filters. It's honestly a lot cheaper and better for the planet. Take a look at this fantastic system at and start learning more about reducing your plastic use. Soft plastic in seawater doesn’t just float or sink intact, but can break down rapidly, releasing toxins. Think about what we're doing to our coral reefs, our sea creatures as an island of plastic larger than France floats around the sea. Shouldn't we do more? At our local waste management they don't recycle plastic bags. They send them to the landfill... Visit your local waste management for a tour and educate yourself! Read up about the bottled water crisis and remember if it impacts the Oceans, it impacts the entire globe... #plasticocean #toxicworld #sustainability #Bula #puresoulfire #changetheworld
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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