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By Barbara Christensen - 5:54 PM
At the #allergist they asked me if they put the weight in wrong last year. This kid with daily (FREE) whole foods supplementation grew two inches but added ten pounds of lean muscle mass, bone and tissue to her frame!! For a child who used to be on six puffs of inhaled growth stunting steroids that is super amazing!! #Asthma really sucks when you're a kid with mama's DNA, and a whole lot of pharma solutions. I remember the year she only grew 1/4 inch and they brought up that the next year we may have to talk growth hormones. That was devastating!! So I started with removing all diary from her diet and the is how we got rid of the daily steroids . However she still had #croup five or six times per year and that means both inhaled steroids and then three days of oral steroids. So when I ended up at a nutritional seminar and found it interesting, I started myself on these crazy encapsulated whole foods. And guess what? With my order I got a child's order for my daughter free. So I started giving them to her. We have had one day of oral steroids since she started. Just one!! It's hard to believe she's the same kid. Even though her grandparents see her several times a year, this year they're feeling like they are missing out on a ton. Kids are not getting enough nutrients. Neither are we. Your kids vitamin doesn't even compare to real whole foods. We do the capsules and I blend it in water and she drinks it. She had some digestive issues as a baby and so I just wanted immediate absorption. Bit when we are in a hurry I have a stash of the gummies so we can grab and go. Every day!! This is a must on the to-do list. We even took them on vacation. I know so many families are going through what we did or something similar. You can't get too many veggies in your diet. If you want to give your family the benefit of four months and see what am entirely new system feels like, let me know. #Nutrition #healthykids #mamawholewellness #growingup #nourishpraylove .❤❤❤🤘☺
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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