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By Barbara Christensen - 2:40 PM
#holistic... this is my practice. I blogged about the importance of listening to our bodies today. I have always leaned to my own intuitive nature when dealing with my #wellness choices. So when I started seeing more fatigue, weird blood flow issues, edema which I have never had in my life, increase in joint and muscle pain.... I knew it was time to huddle with my team of gurus and get to the bottom of it. What I found was mind blowing. As I suspected I have sticky blood. It's responsible for 1 in 5 reoccurring miscarriages. It's responsible for my odd veggaholic moderately high #LDL cholesterol. It's what, if not treated by daily nutritional and fitness smarts could cause me to be in the high percentage of women who die from heart disease. Looking at the fact that every time my blood work has been done I have had this show up, why didn't anyone ever do a simple Lp(a) test along with it. Simple ideas that we just overlook. That's what makes me sad when I think about our broken medical system. So #listentoyourbody and keep pushing for answers. Some of the research I've seen has shown that 70% of those with assumed #CFS have this #stickyblood. Also #PCOS. It's often seen with #lupus... And #migraines. It's considered an #autoimmune disorder. And it is being seen along side #MS. Will we keep letting the system write an overdose of #statin prescriptions (which they wanted to do with my mom who probably also has this ...which impacts memory!!) Or will we get serious about having real complete panels done when testing hormones, cholesterol, and what about just regular cbc's. Stepping off my soapbox, and holding on to my whole foods and t30 lifestyle because I will live well and heal well as our bodies are designed. 💚
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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