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By Barbara Christensen - 9:51 AM

Gorgeous #organic joy... Just looking at it makes your smile, right? However ... the biggest food discussions that I see online are about corn, soy and commercially raised cattle. The posts stated that: a) Farmers are responsible and b) that there are hormones in organic meat, too just like in every human. So here we have some stats that I have to share or my head will explode. Most commercial ranchers do not raise pastured animals. In fact Grass Fed doesn't mean the same as Pastured. The hormones in most commercial animals are being injected to make them larger, and not what you find in pastured organic certified smaller ranches. There is a difference And maybe soy is great for animals feed, not that I would feed my animals soy or corn.. And I personally don't agree with that stance at all ... and in fact my dog gets grain-free, soy-free, corn-free food because I feel it's right. ... but that's another story you can learn about by going through my link. Yes originally, soy was used as a pesticide and it is toxic unless processed in fermentation / cold washing. With all of the estrogen mimicking toxins in our daily lives, the extra phyto-estrogen properties of soy is also not a good supplement for our health if we have no desire to clean up our lifestyle. And even this I don't recommend soy when there is a fertility issue not caused by the folic mutation. Not all farmers are responsible caring people. If they were there wouldn't be any market for all of the food documentaries, or the hit books like "In Defense of Food" flying off the shelves. But from my view we live in an overly processed, genetically modified society - and people just need to know what the dangers are, and take that into consideration when eating any foods or using any supplements, period. #PaleoVegeo #joyfood #getnourished
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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