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By Barbara Christensen - 2:02 PM
Protein mug brownie... Oh my!! It's almost as good as those double chocolate vegan cookies at Whole Foods. Shared it with my daughter because I really didn't need an entire 9 points to bust through my chocolate craving. I am almost a full week in to this. I was very anti the #smartpoints changes because I am a huge fan of healthy fats. That being said my #adrenals and keto are frenemies... So sad. So I thought I would give the WW plan a go to correct my macros without having to track all the small details. I would love your #paleo #vegan #vegetarian views on #WW if you're further into it than I am. I don't need any #21DF ideas, because I tried that and I am far too yellow all day long. :) Do you vegans and #vegetarians that don't eat tofu (and have nut and seed allergies) feel my pain? Personal nutritional truth. That's what my journey is about. So not a negatively post against that or keto, just not what works for me. Obviously regular paleo wasn't my perfect fit as well. #plantsfordays 💚 #PaleoVegeo #lovemyveggies #olympicnosh #LoveBarbaraChristensen #fitjourney
Just a moment of Joy Fit Motherhood today!

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