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What is this all about? This #GYSB
The Get Your Sexy Back 10 Day Shred is a holistic created program to help you focus on nutrition, fitness, and hydration in an accountable, supportive environment. This challenge is a simple way to help you lean into the Transform 30 Lifestyle. Once you get the idea, you’ll see why the Transform 30 Shakes plus the Capsules rev up your results and really transform your life! Feeling a little sluggish? A gentle lean into using more fruits and veggies in your day could do your whole system good ...leaving you feeling more energetic afterwards and giving your skin more tone and radiance. 

I am glad so many friends are joining us on the 10 Day Shred!!

Let’s talk for a minute about those Juice Plus Capsules, can we? It took me a long time to actually look them over. I didn’t understand them, and of course I was very against soy no matter how unprocessed ever since I started reacting to it. I did used to eat edamame a long time ago, so when I started reacting to soy milk, I just gave it all up.

I was sharing the capsules with someone just the other day and they said to me, ” I’m sure your Juice Plus are good products sweetie but, looks like limited to Vit A, C, E, Folate!” First off… sweetie… I KNOW!! However since he is older than I am, I’ll let it go. But I told him that it’s just a label he’s reading. We have no control over how the FDA has determined labels should be created. They are looking for specific items for Nutritional Labels to show. It’s the same for orange juice or for a box of oatmeal. However Juice Plus+ has the whole orange in the capsule. It has the entire broccoli. It’s so far beyond the idea of a vitamin, which is why it doesn’t have a Supplement Fact Label, but rather a Nutritional Fact Label. It’s food. It takes just six hours to go from farm to capsule, and I cannot say that about most of your food in the market. You would have to go straight to the Farmer’s Market or the Farm to get that sort of fresh, raw whole foods, however you wouldn’t get the variety.

In our ten day program you will have online fitness ideas, additional recipes, daily connection posts where you will be required to share how you are doing. Remember you only get out of the program what you put into the program. It’s been verified by science that those that reach out for accountability and support lose more weight, and remain healthier in life than those that do not. Some of your posts may just be what you ate, maybe it will be how you felt, or a motivational photo… but as you engage others will do the same.
What we call detox today was traditionally called a fast. In days gone by people fasted to attain discipline and spiritual enlightenment. Fasting or cleansing has long been a component of traditional ethnic healthcare systems such as Ayurveda and is also used in holistic and wellness practices to support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances, support healthy liver function, delivers powerful antioxidants and kick start a healthy lifestyle change. 

There are several different types of ways that I see cleaning out there in the wellness industry. A popular option is the juice fast, which allows (preferably) fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day. Because it provides nutrients and some calories, it is actually less of a fast and more of an elimination diet since it avoids common allergens such as wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, chocolate, tomatoes and various food additives. In addition, during a juice fast the natural sugars in juice will be converted into energy by the body so you will feel less tired. However that's a lot of sugar, and if you have any fructose intolerance or metabolic problems you may find that all of that fresh sugar is a little hard to handle. 

Another one is the long fast. Folks going 24 to 48 hours without eating. I.Can.Not.Do.That... Seriously. Without food I would be hangry like you have never seen. 

However true fasting isn't something that lends to you actually having the energy to get anything done. Am I right? And these days we have traded the idea of fasting for that of a detox or cleansing diet, usually done for less admirable reasons such as staying young, losing weight and is generally a form of crash dieting.  I don't do crash diets. :) I Love food! Really love food! 

So thankfully a healthy and easy to follow cleansing diet for a specific period of time can do wonders. During this time you specifically avoid all processed food, meat, dairy produce, wheat {GLUTEN}, tea, coffee, alcohol and sugar. Eat instead lots of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and make sure you drink plenty of water each day. I often recommend you also try to go with just three meals. For the Ten Day Shred we supplement with powdered whole foods to really push nutrition into our bodies without pesticides and other chemical toxins. We also support our bodies with a vegan complete protein, fiber and healthy fats. And it's easy. Two healthy shakes per day, and one healthy meal. I love doing mason jar meals so that I can prep at the beginning of the week and then just grab and eat, and a well rounding meal replacement smoothie can make it simple to take it on-the-go while ensuring you get all of those essential nutrients. 

If you have blood sugar issues you may need some snacks like a handful of almonds, a fat ball and an orange or apple or you may just want to grab the complete bars and have them if you need one. Simple. I love simple because my life can be busy enough without adding anything more complicated to it.  And you never want to start a program if you are under the supervision of a physician without consulting them. So consult. :) 

What “cleanse” have you tried in the past? Are you excited to jump on board to the 10 Day Shred? 

10 Day Shred Facebook Challenge I Mama Whole Wellness

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Could you lose 5 pounds? Perhaps… what do you think that looks like? I think you’ll be shocked. So go for it! Join us. Just click on the sign up button. We always start on a Monday, that way you only have one weekend that is a part of your ten days. Let’s ROCK this challenge and Get Your Sexy Back! #GYSB

Order either your Complete Shakes or Capsules or both and then enroll in the Facebook Support group. You’ll also get these bonuses: 

  • Warrior Holistic Wellness Session (a $65 value) – FREE! To claim your free session, contact your Wellness Coach no later than the end of July Start working through the 5 R’s of health… Reduce, Rejuvenate, Reclaim, Renew and Rejoice. We’ll go through your lifestyle and create baby steps to create some healthy changes. Notes will be sent via email after the coaching session for your personal records.

  • REBIRTH: A Coloring Adventure : 30 Day Program e-book, FREE! Don’t rush through this program. Really use the one drawing per day and visualize what the colors, the design, the emotions mean to you. Write it out, and think about what you are wishing for, and where you want your path to take you. This program will give you an understanding by connecting you with something beyond normal through patterns. Creative people dream bigger, and have broader imaginations. When was the last time you asked a child to tell you their dreams?

  • Distance Energy Healing Session (a $65 value) – FREE! During our 30 Minute Distance Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) Session you may find that the universal life energies work to bring balance and harmony to the whole self — working through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. You’ll choose a time when you can rest without being disturbed. During and after your healing session, you may experience physical sensations, temperature changes, visions, sounds.
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