Homeschool, My School, and Business I Oh my!

By Barbara Christensen - 8:37 AM


My plate is full... literally and figuratively. I am launching new products, taking my business to the next level, finishing some training, creating and finalizing team trainings, and then of course, life and homeschool classes for my daughter... It's overwhelming. But I have learned a few things about automating my business. How much more inviting the day is if you don't have chaos, but have a schedule. So why wouldn't I want my Homeschooling day for myself and my child to be exactly that?

Homeschool, My School, and Business I Mama Whole Wellness

Last week my daughter and I had a moment. Lets just say it wasn't my best moment. My daughter was taking the district practice test for 3rd grade. She did great for the language arts, although she struggles with some of the "paying attention" items. Example, only selecting one answer when they asked for two. Or not realizing that writing a paragraph on a computer is no different than writing a paragraph on paper. These are both #homeschool problems, as well as adhd problems.

So we move on to the math tests, and for her right brain, it was just not a fit. She just didn't understand what she was supposed to be doing. And I told her it was not her thing in not the nicest mommy way. I wanted to suck those words back up almost immediately after I said them, but it was too late. Much like a picture shared on social media, it was out there forever.

She went away feeling bad, and I sat and tried to figure out how I was going to explain mommy's faults, and give an apology that would impact how badly I felt. One thing I did realize however, was that for math we needed a better assessment tool. This led me on a journey to some fantastic discovery - Splash Math.

Once I saw how much more she enjoyed using this creative online tool, I started looking for more. I see a much more blended learning experience going forward of text and interactive learning combined. And I am thankful for the learning moment, however I wish I had said what I needed to say in way that would have led to the moment without the hurt heart. Mommy learning moment. 

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