The Hyggelig Love I Fitness Comfort No Matter What

By Barbara Christensen - 12:31 PM

Do you like to get cozy at home or when you travel? The Danish word Hyggelig literally translates as “cozy,” but the modern connotation has to do more with how one sees themselves. There was that big stink last week over the fact that women should not wear yoga pants because it caused men to lust after them.


The Hyggelig Love Is Low Key Happiness I Clean Active BodyWe are moms. We are moving from our workout, to cleaning up kid puke, to driving the car pool, taking the dog for a walk, teaching our kids, and doing a hundred other things. And you want us to go around dressed up like a some Jersey housewife.

Okay, okay, it totally worked for Carmela. But she wasn't your average mom.

And these days we have so much on our plates, and very little wiggle room, we require a life with a little comfort. 

That may be our yoga pants.

Everyone needs some comfort in life. I choose how I dress most days, which is comfortable. Sorry guys if that is too much for you. But don't worry, I have a honey at home that loves me not matter how hyggelig I get (including when I don't have time to shower before dinner).

So find something else to go be crazy about, and ladies, share your favorite comfort photo below. We'll show you some love, and not the creepy guy kind. :)

 Fitness Comfort No Matter What I Clean Active Body Barbara Christensen

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