Days When You Need More Motivation I Fitness Coach

By Barbara Christensen - 8:14 AM

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You know there are just those days when you need the extra motivation.

I shared on my Facebook profile that this last year I had gotten into a place that I felt sp sick. Like I was a big old failure.

I'm a wellness coach and after some major medical issues I could not heal myself. So I kept thinking, how can I help others? 

Thanks to you ladies that I lean on,  I found that inner support to dig in and figure out how with adrenal fatigue, menopause
, lack of regular could I feel better??

I needed lots of motivation... a lot of posts to remind myself who I was and where I was going.

Then I would have the day where I would tell a client to do push ups and I could just hear the whisper in their head by the way they looked at me thinking... "How about you try a few push ups." 

Guess what... that is not a happy place and it's generally totally in your own head. They aren't thinking things like that, you are the only one beating yourself up. But I'm through the darkness and there's light ahead!! 

Days When You Need More Motivation I Fitness Coach
This is now a happy me
Days When You Need More Motivation I Barbara ChristensenI feel better. That's the best part. Feeling better. I don't care about being able to do long workouts. Heck, today I did a FAST workout by way of Dr. Mosley BBC... LOL... that's right. Here in my Seattle Washington area home with the rain and the fog, and the tired mommy issues, but I still got it in. I didn't feel like I was a loser, and I got my nutrition on point. When you can say that, after staying up the night before with a kid with a tummy ache (that's another story I'll have to share, but it wasn't the flu) then you feel like a ROCKSTAR. 

Tomorrow I have a new team member coming over to train, and I LOVE those days. So 2015, YOU ROCK! I love you, and thanks for giving me back some feelings of control. We got this!


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