The Truth About the Amount of Protein available in your Shake.

By Barbara Christensen - 7:14 PM

What's the Amount Of Protein Available in Your Shake.

The Amount Of Protein Available in Your Shake that is going to your body building weight loss musclesProtein... it's the key that every fitness fanatic, every muscle building guru wants in their mug at the end of the workout, at the end of the day. And I'm picky about what I put in my body, and so I've been very turned off and tuned into the more advanced shakes that are often very very costly. I have to admit... I like the Superfood status of what I'm putting in my body, although the more I learn the more I am learning about what really is being absorbed and what's really overkill in our systems. I'm learning when whole foods are best, and when you want to look for something that is raw and bioavailable for a supplement or SpectroActively compounded. Think about in the difference of your regular pharmacy and your compounding pharmacy. Old school done new technology. It's the difference between the amount of protein you may or may not be getting out of your shake.

So what about the different amounts of protein in different styles of products? 

The 80's and 90's are where the big push for SOY came into play. Suddenly everyone was in love with soy and it was the health buzz word that everyone wanted to add to their products. We know now that except for fermented soy it's really not the best item for our health, and we know that most of the soy in our country is genetically modified. We just didn't have that knowledge, or enough people sharing the knowledge even 10 years ago. So the industry standard in "health shakes" became full of soy protein for heart health. But soy protein isn't really a heart healthy food just like we've learned that fat-free isn't heart healthy either. In fact in the same likeness of other proteins in comparison in that soy protein shake you are only really getting 36% soy out of that soy protein, so the other 64% is the stuff you don't want. That's not a large amount of protein for your body from what you are taking in.

Now that being said, I have seen a lot of YouTube posts about the current most famous soy shake out there, talking about people really finding themselves unhealthy after drinking them for a year or more. I've been on a variety of superfood shakes over the last 3 years, and I'm healthier than I've ever been. So just make sure you are educating yourself before buying into something.

Where's the value in getting a lower amount of protein in your shake? 

In fact we did comparisons to what we feel is our number 1 competitor, and their shakes comparable protein was an amount of 48% of the protein substances were ready usable proteins, and ours is at a 90%!! How's that for value. And when you add in the sustained release of our ProMatrix Plus protein you are going to find out just how it feels to get all of the protein you need from the time you drink your shake, to six hours later. What do people want from a meal replacement shake? They want to lose weight, they want to recovery from their workout, they want to drink something that doesn't taste like chemicals. But they want value. They want to get like for like the best value for their money. And at a full $1.33 less per serving than our leading competitor's shake cost, I think you can see where the value really is!! Over the next few weeks as we are launching and we are going through The 28 Day Body Challenge, you are going to see that Shake FX is superior because of so many reasons... you may actually get tired of hearing me say those six words... Shake FX is a superior product because....

If you want to learn more about the products let's connect or head over to www. and reserve your spot on the team.

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