Reduce The Dairy Within Your Clean Eating Plan

By Barbara Christensen - 12:10 PM

Reduce The Dairy Within your Clean Eating Plan For Better Health

I think JJ Virgin has been pretty spot on with her focus on being healthy and eating clean. But now, whether it’s oatmeal or a protein smoothie, for instance, many people start their day with these commercial dairy products. I have a family that is very lactose intolerant, but you don't have to be lactose intolerant to see healthy changes from reducing your regular dairy products. Commercial cow's milk can trigger acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions, not to mention stalling fast fat loss.

My choices are unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, organic rice milk, or unsweetened coconut milk, which is loaded with fat-burning medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), makes the perfect (as JJ says) "lateral shift". She says, "Coconut milk can give you all of dairy’s satisfaction without the problems of cow’s milk. Unsweetened almond milk makes another smart lateral shift." My husband prefers either almond, or just straight up raw milk, which is very much like going with a clean, cold processed whey protein. That whey will also give you that glutathione boost that you really want to have a high immune system, and a low cancer risk.

You can get those proteins and amino acids using a good quality whey protein in your shake in the morning while staying away from the commercial dairy milk and yogurts all together. Dr. Hyman has been a big proponent for the right kind of whey, and getting rid of all of the other dairy products completely.

I love this video that he did about dairy products, and recommendations from the government which is really interesting.

Six Reasons to Reduce Your Dairy Intake

Listen to Dr. Mark Hyman talk about the reasons to reduce your dairy intake.

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